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Haiti Creole Translation of the Vision 2000 Gospel – Lalo Haitian

The Vision 2000 is a compilation of the vision of a man, Lalo, from the New Testament of Lalo-Haitian Creole.

It was translated by Lalo and his son, Daniel.

In his vision, Lela says: I will become a teacher of Creole languages and Creole literature.

This is my mission.

I will teach all Creoles.

I shall become a translator.

I am the son of God, and I am a great man.

I do not want to live forever, but I want to make this world my kingdom.

The translation of the New Vision of Lela and Daniel is now available on the Internet.

The translation is a collaboration between Lalo’s wife and Daniel Haitien, and is being offered to the public as a free download.

Haitia’s son Daniel has published an article on the translation, which he describes as a “spiritual, historic and religious story, written by the author himself, and based on his own personal experience”.

It is based on the writings of a 19th-century Creole missionary named Lalo Tiwana.

The Vision 2000 was translated into English by the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa, and was published in 1999.

In 2007, the Haitians moved to Hawaiʼi from Trinidad.

They now live in a home in Honolulu.

How to learn to be a Hawaiian singer

A Hawaiian rapper is teaching listeners how to become a Hawaiian musician, with a unique twist.

In his latest album, Hula Hula, Hawaiian singer and songwriter Kei Hulaka uses Hawaiian music and dance to sing the title track.

The songs are all about the theme of music, which Hula refers to as the music of our minds, of our heart and our soul.

“Music is a universal language that we all know,” Hula says in the track “Mana,” a collaboration with Hawaiian musician and composer Koala Oahu.

“We all sing it with our minds.

Music is an expression of our hearts, our souls and our hearts.”

The lyrics of “Mama,” a song that opens the album, are as powerful as they are lyrical.

Hula tells the story of his mother and the Hawaiian way of life, but his lyrics also reveal his mother’s love and the way she lived.

“I grew up in a place that was very different,” Hulak says.

“My mother had no language, no way of communicating.

She had no idea how to speak Hawaiian.

We all had to learn by ourselves.”

Hula Hulas song “Mamama” was written during his mother s time as a child in Hawaii.

Hula says he wanted to be an actor and would do whatever it took to achieve his dream.

He began singing in elementary school, and by age 13 he was performing in the Hawaiian national choir and performing in shows across the country.

He became a certified Hawaiian language teacher in his 20s.

“My dream was to become an actor,” Huli says.

Huli is now a Hawaiian-American singer-songwriter and song-writer.

He has recorded hits with groups such as “Kula,” “Kana,” “Makapu,” and “Maa Pa Mau.”

Hula has also released a number of solo songs, including “Mamasan” and “Wai’olau.”

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