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What is the haiti language?

What is “hiti”, the haitians’ language?

The language of the Hausa tribe is said to be the most complex of all the languages of the country.

The word “hita” is the only other known word in the language that sounds like the English word “hot”.

It is used to refer to an object, a place, a person, a tribe, a family, or an entire group of people.

It is spoken as a dialect of a language called “mai” which is spoken by about 4 million people in the country’s east.

It was invented by a group of tribesmen living in northern Hausas territory and is said by some experts to have originated from the language of ancient times.

This was the language spoken by the ancient Sumerians.

However, the origins of the language are not known.

The name “hana” means “to rise”, and is the language’s first recorded use.

It became the first language spoken in Hausais territory in 1820 when the Spanish colonised the country in the 15th century.

“It is said that Hana is a language that is spoken only by the Hana people,” said Hailemariam Kamboh of the National Centre for African and African Languages (ANCAL) in an interview with Al Jazeera.

The group of speakers also use “hia” as their name for the language.

However the language is not considered an official language of Hausos.

“The Hana language is spoken mostly in remote areas, mainly in the north of the island of Hia, where it is a mixture of languages, from some of the local languages,” said Kambokoh.

“In some remote areas it is spoken exclusively by the native Hana.”

What are the differences between the Hapa and the Haida?

The Hapa language is one of the most difficult to learn, and is also one of those languages that people are reluctant to use.

There are many differences between them, but they all have the same root word.

“Hapa means ‘to rise’, and it means ‘rising’ in English.

Haida means ‘river’.

In Hapa, it is called ‘river of life’.

The Haida language is a combination of Sumerian and the language used by the Sumer people,” says Kambou.

Hapa is also the language to which many people refer when referring to themselves.

Haja is used as a greeting.

In the Haka language, “Haja” is a noun that means “one who speaks”.

In Haka, it means “someone who speaks”, meaning “one that is speaking”.

“Hasta” is used for “people”.

In the language, it refers to the people of the tribe.

In Haida, it usually refers to a person’s parents or other relatives.

“A person is a person is,” said Rafi Ebei, a professor of Hapa at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Hasta is also used to describe someone’s appearance.

“There is a term for someone that has an eye tattoo.

A person that has a face tattoo.

The Haka word for this is ‘fata’.” What are some of Hapas languages spoken in different parts of the world?

There are four main Hapa languages spoken: Hapa Hana, Hapa Tagalog, Haja Tagalog and Hapa Tanto.

Hapos are spoken mostly by the people in Hia.

The language is often spoken by people who are not part of the main Hausosi group.

In addition, the language has been used in other areas, such as in the south of the islands, in the Philippines, in Colombia, and in the United States.

What are “Hapas”?

The word for “Hpa” is “ha”.

Hapa means “river”.

Haka means “people” and “family”.

Hpa Tagalog means “family name”.

Haja means “person”.

Hasta means “language”.

The word used for this “language” is often called “Hava”.

The language was invented in the early 1600s and is considered one of only two native languages in the world, the other being Japanese.

The other is Sumeran, which is the third most spoken language in the area of modern day China.

What is Hapa’s relationship to other languages?

Hapa has a close relationship to Sumeric and to other Sumer languages.

Hama is spoken in Sumeria and in other parts of Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia.

“Sumerians were one of our closest neighbors and friends.

There is a connection between the two,” said Ebeis.

“When people talk to each other, they say, ‘hama.


This is a Sumerological term.

They call it the language from the mountain. In other

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