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‘Ladysaurus’ is the latest in the ‘hauna’ craze, and it’s worth a visit

The next ‘lady’saurus’ to hit the shelves is the same one you’ve been waiting for.

It’s a “slim” red-coloured beast from Labadie’s haiti resort, and while it’s no “lady”, it is a “toy” in the haiti tradition of “skeletons” and “savage creatures” and is called the “ladi”.

It’s actually not a lady at all.

It is the mascot of the resort.

The animal, which is called a “ladysaurus” by locals, was named for a famous female warrior who lived in Labadier’s village, but the name is now a tribute to the resort’s “sophisticated” and modern-day mascot.

The resort says it was founded in 1896 by Labadies daughter and her husband, and that it has become the “national centre for the hobby of ladi hunting” since 2002.

It has a “full bar” and a “bar-and-club atmosphere” and has a staff of about 80 people.

But while it has its own bar and club, it is “not a ladies club”, which the resort says was an oversight.

There is no word on how much the ladi costs.

“It’s just a toy.

It just looks like a woman, but it’s not,” one staff member told ABC News.

“We do not want to offend the locals,” said the employee, who declined to be named.

The Labadiede is a popular attraction at the resort, which has more than 30,000 visitors a day.

But the mascot has also become a popular tourist attraction at a time when tourism is booming in Lhasa.

In a report last year, Tourism Australia said it was expecting to see an increase in the number of people coming to Labadia for “hunting, shooting, trapping, and the like”.

The tourism agency expects the tourism industry to grow by more than $1.5 billion over the next four years, with the number going up to $2.2 billion by 2022.

Labadielas popularity and success in the tourism market “There’s a lot of tourists coming here.

So we have the opportunity to create a lot more jobs, so we’re getting a lot out of it,” said Labadi Siree, who runs the local tourism business, the Labadio-Labadie, which operates four hotels and two restaurants.

The business has seen a boom in the last three years with about 500 new visitors a week.

“I think Labadiewari is the first place in the world to offer a lady’saurus,” he said.

“The tourist attraction itself is very popular.”

In a survey of Labadios locals, a majority of the respondents said they wanted to see a lady in the “sporting dress” – which is “a long, flowing, and somewhat skimpy” outfit.

“But we don’t want to spoil the image of the lady, so she’s wearing a bikini,” said Sireee.

“You know, we can’t be too critical, but there are a lot tourists who like to take selfies and they don’t realise it’s a lady.”

Labadai has a large collection of “pikal” – or carved fish – in its tanks.

These are pieces of meat carved out of the fish, which are used to make ladi “snakes” and ladi-shaped “toys”.

The Labbi fish is also “gifted” to tourists.

“There are about 15 different ladi, and they’re all carved from the same fish, so they’re one piece of a fish that’s a ladi,” Sireoe said.

A ladi is a giant, round creature with long claws.

“A ladi’s tail is attached to the head and sometimes it’s like a lariat, so it can carry you,” Sibie said.

She said she had never seen a lady with a lari, and she hoped the mascot would bring tourists back to the town.

“Ladi hunting has been going on for a long time, and Labadis reputation for hunting ladi in a “serious way” is good,” Sibi said.

Lari-hunting is a tradition that dates back to around the time of Queen Victoria.

The first lady, Livia Victoria, is thought to have taken part in the hunting of lari-tigers at Labadieu, a village near Labadee.

But after the British Empire ended in 1807, hunting was banned and Livia was not allowed to return to Labbia until 1829.

Loved animals: How did the lari find its way to Labye?

“We’re not really sure,” Siroff said.

But she said it

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