How to stop the ‘fraudulent’ haitians from using fake social media

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By Melissa DeSantis, Fox News • February 18, 2018 5:58pmFox News’ Melissa DeStans was one of the many reporters covering a large crowd of haities in a park in Honolulu.

A couple of weeks ago, DeStan, who works at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, witnessed the crowd at the park with her own eyes, and she says it wasn’t fake.

“It looked authentic.

And they were there for a reason.

They were trying to get people out and they were trying keep the attention on them,” DeStants said.

DeStans posted a video to Facebook with a photo of a group of people in a rowboat paddling out of the park.

It shows three white haitie girls sitting on the rowboat, with one holding a bottle of water.

The caption reads, “Happy Friday, Hawaii!”

The caption also states, “This is Hawaii.

You don’t have to do anything special to get there.”

DeStan says the caption was likely written by the girls’ mother, who was standing in front of them.

De Stans posted about the incident on her Facebook page, saying she didn’t know who wrote the caption.

De Santis posted a message on the Facebook page saying, “I’m here with my family.

It was the perfect way to end our Friday.

We’re all laughing and joking and we were just talking about what we could do to help our friends who are in a very tough situation.

We don’t even have money to buy food, let alone rent a boat.

We just want to help people.”

De Stan posted a picture of her family with a caption reading, “We don’t need no s**t.

We can do this.”

A couple of days later, another video posted on Facebook showed the same group of girls paddling from the park back to the boat, with another caption reading: “We need your help.

The water is too shallow.

Come with us.”

De Santes post, which also included a link to the Facebook video, also stated, “Please share the video on social media and tell your friends.”

A few days later the group of haits from Hawaii, and other groups of haikus, were spotted in the same park, with a message that reads, in part, “The next time you see a group haitnie on the water, just call the police and ask them to come get them.”

In a video posted by DeStas, a haity is seen on a boat in the park, and a caption reads: “The water is shallow.

We need your support.

We have no money, but we do have some things we can buy.”

The caption continues, “If you know anyone who is in a situation where they need to take action, please share it with them.

Please contact me so that I can help you.

Thank you.”

DeSantis says the haits that were spotted are “not haitias, but are actually in the community.

They are part of the Hawaiian community.

There’s some sort of agreement where the people are supposed to come and help these people out.

That’s what they’re doing.”

A spokesperson for the Hawaii Department of Health and Welfare says it has “not received any reports of this type of activity occurring.”

Haitian food safety concernsThe Hawai’i Department of Agriculture says they’re working with the state to make sure Hawaii food safety protocols are followed.

In a statement, a spokesperson said, “There are no known safety concerns associated with the consumption of this food.”

The spokesperson said that they are monitoring food safety procedures to ensure food safety.

“There are some concerns in regards to the preparation of this product and it is being monitored to determine if there are any safety issues.

Food Safety and Inspection Bureau (FSIB) is working with local food service providers to identify any concerns that may exist,” the statement reads.

A spokesperson with the Hawaii Farmers Federation said they are working with authorities in Hawaii to make the state’s food safety regulations easier to follow.

“The Food Safety Inspection Bureau has not received any information of any safety concerns surrounding this product,” the spokesperson said.

The Hawaiian Farmers Federation spokesperson says they also are looking into how to prevent the sale of the food in the future.

Haiti residents are upsetThe Hawaii Farmers Association has posted a statement on Facebook saying, in a section titled “A Message to the Hawai’I Community,” that the group “stands by our position that there is no reason for Hawaii’s food industry to allow food fraud to occur.”

In the post, the group says, “When a food is sold to Hawaii residents, it must be prepared in accordance with Hawaii law and regulations.”

“When we see or read of a situation like this, we will take action as needed to stop it from happening.

We will also contact our members to ensure

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