What’s going on with the Hawaiian Gospel radio show?

Aug 17, 2021 Group

A new Hawaii Gospel radio program is getting a new name.

And some people are concerned it will have a darker tone than the one on the traditional Hawaiian broadcast.

ABC News correspondent Andrew Ross Sorkin reports from Honolulu on the new radio show.

“Haiti Gospel” has been on the air for almost four years.

Its co-host is former radio personality and Hawaii Gospel leader John D. Waggoner.

He says he thinks its tone will be different.

Waggoner said he thinks the show will get a much different audience than the traditional program.

The new program, called “Haitian Gospel,” will air on ABC’s “The Weather Channel,” the ABC affiliate in Honolulu.

Sorkin: What does that mean?

Waggoni: We’re going to talk about the culture of the islands.

It’s a really important thing for us.

I mean, we are not just talking about our culture.

We’re talking about the islands’ culture and our culture of love and the importance of faith.

We are talking about a lot of different things that go into the island.

But in terms of the language, I think there is definitely going to be a more dark tone than traditional, which I think is kind of an ironic tone.

It’s very spiritual in a way.

And I think that’s what I think people are looking for.

Sorkins interview with Waggoners co-author John D Waggons “Hang on.

It sounds like we’re talking to a person who’s from Hawaii.”

Wagoneer said he hopes the new program will appeal to people who aren’t already in Hawaii, but he says he’s also hoping people will tune in for the new programming.

“It’s about being part of the culture, and being able to share that with others and to share our stories,” he said.

That’s a big part of what the show is about.

“The way we communicate with each other is through music,” Waggoneer told ABC News.

In recent weeks, Waggonyers father, a former radio station executive, had traveled to Haiti and the Dominican Republic to visit the families of the dead and give them lessons in how to cope with the loss.

He said the new format may have some of the same challenges as the traditional broadcasts, but Waggonalers message was different.

He told ABC’s Martha Raddatz that it was important to him that the audience get to know the people on the show.

Sorkins: And what does he say to people?

Wigoneer: We talk about love and faith and humility.

And what is important to me is to teach these things to the listeners.

That is what we do, and it’s important that people learn about the island and how it’s different from other places.

We don’t have to have all the answers, Wigoneers mother, Cara, told ABC affiliate KITV.

“We don`t have to go through all the problems.

We just have to understand how to go forward.”

Sorkings interview with Cara Wigoner.

After the interview, Wagoneers mom asked what it would be like to be the new host of “Hindi Gospel.”

“We`ve got to find a way to live that out.

We have to figure out how to be true to the spirit,” she said.

The new “Hollywood” radio show, “Haha Haiti,” airs Sundays at 6:30 p.m. in Los Angeles.

It is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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