How Haiti is Raising Millions for Its Women

Jul 25, 2021 Group

Haiti, a Pacific Island nation in the central Pacific, is raising money for its women’s rights with the launch of its inaugural Women’s Day, which is scheduled for Saturday.

Haitian women have been making headlines lately as they fight against domestic violence and sexual violence.

In recent months, several prominent Haitian women have shared stories of how they faced abuse at the hands of their husbands or male relatives.

The event is being organized by the Haitian Women’s Rights Association (HWRA), which advocates for rights for women and girls in Haiti.

The event is taking place at the Haitian National Convention Center, which was the site of a brutal attack on April 1, 2016, in which three people were killed.

The assailants targeted the hotel where the event was to take place, killing six of the women who were staying.

The attack is a stark reminder of the horrific realities of domestic violence in Haiti, and a reminder of how much needs to be done to prevent violence and abuse against women and children in the country.

The organizers have pledged to raise more than $50,000 for Haiti’s domestic violence programs.

“Women’s Day is the best way to make a statement to the world,” said HWC President Hélène Leclerc, a member of the United Nations Women’s Commission.

The organizers of the Women’s Week, which will include speeches from prominent Haitian politicians, said the event will help raise awareness about the epidemic and help empower women to speak out and make their voices heard.

“This is the beginning of the journey,” said Elisabeth Moya, a spokesperson for the Women Womens Rights Association.

“We are all Haitians.

We all live in this country.

And it is our duty to speak about this, and to support the Haitian women who are making a difference.””

This event is really a statement that we want to do more for the Haitian people,” said Leclerterc.

The Women’s Weekend, which runs from March 21-27, will focus on the issue of domestic abuse.

Haitian women are particularly vulnerable to violence, especially in rural areas, where the government has failed to provide basic services.

Haiti’s National Assembly passed legislation last month that requires the country’s women’s organizations to file complaints of domestic and sexual abuse.

The new Women’s Month initiative also will include an opportunity for Haitians to ask questions about their rights in a dialogue with local government officials.

The initiative aims to encourage women to raise their voices and create change in their communities.

“We want to be the voices for women’s empowerment, because we want our voices to be heard,” said Moya.

“Haitians need to be empowered to speak up.”

Haiti is also taking a hard line against the trafficking of women and child victims.

The country’s National Anti-trafficking Commission (NAC), which has arrested hundreds of traffickers, recently said it is investigating the recent spate of human trafficking cases in the city of Mirebalais.

The traffickers have been using the women to perform sex acts.

The women have also been arrested for allegedly providing drugs and weapons to the traffickers.

The trafficking is believed to be tied to the kidnapping of more than 200 women and the sale of their bodies to pay off debts.

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