What do you do when your baby has a rare genetic condition?

Jul 23, 2021 Technology

Haiti is an English-language surname meaning “to see”.

The pronunciation is haiti in the traditional Hawaiian way of pronouncing the name.

The surname has been given to more than a thousand people and is widely spoken in the Pacific islands.

Haiti was given to the woman whose son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in January 2018.

The daughter of the woman, who died in 2018, was given the name Haiti when her son was born in 2018.

Haitu, a former soldier, is the daughter of a veteran who was killed in Afghanistan in 2014.

In 2015, Haiti and his wife, a farmer, had their baby daughter, but it was not named Haiti.

“It was something we had planned to do for a while, but we got to a stage where it just didn’t feel right,” Haiti said.

“So we had to give up.”

A new family in Haiti The couple started by getting an agreement from the Haiti Department of Land and Natural Resources to give their daughter the name “Haiti”.

“There was some kind of a misunderstanding,” Haitu said.

Haiti and the woman said the surname was given because they thought it would be a good name for their daughter, who was still in high school.

But the daughter’s grandmother had other ideas.

“We started thinking about how the name should be pronounced and how would it fit with her,” Haitsu said. 

“And we started looking for a name for her, and we found Haiti.”

When Haiti’s daughter’s name was given in the middle of the season, she was “really excited and very, very happy” to be called Haiti, Haitu told the ABC.

“[The name] was such a happy name,” she said.

“I can’t believe I’m actually here talking to you today, and I’m still talking to her, so it’s very special.”

She really likes the name, and she’s very excited.

It’s going to be a little girl who is very happy to be named after Haiti,” Haito said.

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