What we know about haiti Hurricane Maria: It’s been a disaster

Jul 14, 2021 Music

We may have witnessed the devastating aftermath of a major storm, but haiti is also the epicenter of the island’s natural disaster response.

In just the last few days, haiti has been rocked by a powerful earthquake and tsunami.

The latest disaster is Hurricane Maria, which has devastated the island of haiti, killing at least 5,000 people and leaving many others in critical condition.

According to local media, more than 80 people were confirmed dead.

There have been reports of the deaths of over 100 people, but it is not clear if this number is accurate.

The haiti island of Kauaia, on the south-east coast of the Hawaiian archipelago, was hit by Hurricane Maria in the early hours of Friday, as a powerful aftershock hit the region.

The death toll has risen to around 5,700 people.

The quake was felt all over the island and in surrounding waters, and the storm caused damage to infrastructure in some areas, including a road, power lines, and buildings.

This was compounded by the islanders’ lack of adequate supplies of food and other basic supplies, which led to widespread shortages of food.

This led to many haitians abandoning their homes, leaving the island largely uninhabitable, as people struggled to cope with a food crisis.

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami occurred at around 3.30am on Friday.

The first tremors, which were recorded as being felt across the island, followed shortly after.

The following day, the government reported that 6,890 people were evacuated from the island due to a tsunami warning.

Many of the residents have returned to their homes in the island.

The government has been trying to rebuild the island as it recovered from the disaster, but as the island is a small island, it has faced a massive logistical challenge in bringing the residents back to their lives.

The government says the island has received more than 6,000 tons of food, and has started a food distribution network.

However, the distribution network is limited and is currently operating in the form of distribution trucks that carry bags of rice to residents who need it.

This has been met with resistance from residents, who argue that the trucks are simply there to deliver food to the residents.

The trucks are not operating in an emergency, and many residents are not sure whether they will be able to return to their residences, let alone get food.

The situation has caused many residents to abandon their homes and seek shelter in hotels.

This is not a situation that is uncommon in the region, where the island population is predominantly made up of haitian people, who have migrated to the islands from the mainland.

The island has a population of around 6,600, and this has been a common feature of the haiti population, who are mainly of Spanish heritage.

In the past few years, the haitians have become increasingly vocal about their frustration over the lack of food available for them in the islands most densely populated areas.

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