How to keep your life secure in Hawaii: tips and tricks

Jun 21, 2021 Video

Here are some tips and best practices to keep you safe in Hawaii, and the islands, and keep you on the road to safety.


Stay off the beach.

If you can, avoid the beaches and get your kids and pets to the water if you can.

Be prepared to swim for long stretches, and avoid going anywhere with a boat.

Be aware that there is a high risk of shark attacks if you are not in a safe position.

Be on the lookout for sharks in the water and at sea.


Watch out for bears.

If it’s raining and you are close to a beach, do not go swimming.

The bear may be feeding in the river or in the open, so watch out for the animals.


Know your surroundings.

Take your child to a safe area before going to a certain spot, and use an umbrella, umbrella blanket, and a raincoat.


Know where to park.

The park should be at least a kilometre from the nearest entrance, and park your car near the road or side of the road.

Park your car on the side of a highway or road, not on the beach, and if it’s the only way to get to the park, have someone drive you there.


Dress appropriately for a tropical island.

Dress in layers and don’t wear sandals.

Wear a hat, sunscreen, long pants and gloves.


Avoid loud noises.

It can be dangerous for your ears if you’re out in the middle of the night, and noise can increase your risk of hearing a gunshot.


Don’t drive alone.

Be sure your car and passengers are safe.

If your car breaks down or you have a minor injury, go to the nearest hospital and get medical help.


Dress warmly.

When the temperature is warm, wear a hat and gloves, and wear a rain coat.


Donate to a local animal shelter.

If possible, you can donate a dog, cat or other pet to a shelter in the area.

You can also get in touch with a local veterinary clinic.

You will need to provide identification and proof of age.


Check local beaches for sharks.

There is a chance of seeing sharks at beaches in the areas where people live.

If the beaches are in a dangerous area, you will need a guide or guide dog.


Keep your car safe.

Do not drive on the streets or sidewalks, and don´t drive on roads that are closed due to flooding.

Don´t take the ferry or use it for public transportation.


Avoid getting in trouble with the law.

If in doubt, report it to the police.


Be careful about where you leave your vehicle.

If there is an emergency, stay with the vehicle until the police arrive.

If necessary, you should get out of the vehicle, but do not drive or ride your bike.


Don’t drink alcohol.

The legal limit is 1.5 litres per litre of alcohol.


Be safe around wildlife.

Be especially careful around feral dogs, and do not feed them.


Watch for wildlife at night.

Avoid dark areas, including on the ocean floor, and stay away from lights.


Use common sense.

Do you have any concerns about your own safety?

Do you think there is any danger you might encounter at sea?

Please email us at [email protected] or call us on 0141 621 5100.

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